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No matter the time of year, there are many events that connect the Parkside Bible Church family. Please use the calendar below as a reference (use the tabs to change the view).



The weekend of January 15, 2016, Parkside Bible Church in Holland will be hosting an Apologetics Seminar featuring Bob Dutko, Detroit’s top Christian radio show host, heard daily from Noon-4:00 on 103.5 FM-WMUZ Christian Radio in Detroit.


Bob is nationally syndicated, one of the top live, daily Christian talk show hosts in the country and the former National Press Secretary for Christian Coalition in Washington, D.C.


The seminar dates and topics include:


Friday, January 15 7:00-8:30 pm

Bob’s Personal Testimony – Bob will share openly his life of growing up in a religious cult, involvement in various demonic activities, getting saved and walking through many trials, including having his teenage daughter suddenly and unexpectedly collapse and die in his arms on Mother’s Day, 2002. This talk will focus on encouraging believers to remain faithful in all circumstances, remembering that even in the most confusing of times, God never leaves us or forsakes us.


Saturday, January 16 10:00-11:30 a.m.

An Introduction to Christian Apologetics – This talk explains the importance (and limits) of apologetics as well as giving practical teachings and suggestions on how to effectively communicate our faith to non-believers and skeptics. It equips believers to become better at witnessing and defending the faith.


Saturday, January 16 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Evidence Proving the Resurrection of Jesus – An intellectual defense for the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ, showing that through logic, reasoning, history and science and even non-Biblical sources, we can believe in the resurrection as an actual historic event.


Sunday, January 17 10:45 Noon

Evidence Proving the Bible is Historically Accurate and True – Detailing the amount of manuscript evidence, fulfilled prophecy, scientific and archeological evidence as well as answering the claims that the Bible “contradicts” itself.


Plan to attend all or individual talks at Parkside Bible Church, 14461 James Street, Holland MI 49424. There is no charge for any of the seminars. For questions, call Parkside Bible Church at 616-399-4410.


Parkside Craft Fair
On third Saturday of November each year, Parkside hosts their annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair from 9 am - 3 pm. Shop at more than 65 hand-craft vendors, and enjoy a luncheon and bake sale to benefit youth missions!

Vacation Bible School
Parkside hosts VBS every June where children K-6 get the chance to learn, play and discover. There is no cost and all are welcome! Call the church for details.